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The Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction is on November 9 to November 11 where any collector can win the auction for an original Spider-Man costume worn by Toby Maguire in the Spider-Man 3 movie. Possibly inspired on Bucky Barnes’ original uniform during his time as Cap’s sidekick in World War II. The fictional Spider-Man Noir became Spider-Man in the 1930’s, the same time in real life when Batman was created for comic books. From the stealth costume that he wore during his “Big Time” era to the sleek symbiote costume, Spider-Man has worn dozens of costumes over the years. Peter Parker returned to Horizon Labs where he retrieved his newest costume, the Spider-Armor MK II.

While this Marvel Cinematic Universe suit doesn’t have an exact match in comics, one of Spider-Man’s costumes from Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man run provided Peter Parker with his very first black and gold costume. With a suit this powerful, one might assume that Spider-Man would adopt this suit permanently. Next to Iron Man, Spider-Man might just have the deepest wardrobe in the Marvel Universe. Lesson: it helps to have rich friends who don’t ask too many questions. The best part is that the cat (who’s name is Spider-Man) gets his own mask and even helps Spidey take down enemies during a finishing move.

He is simply fascinated with the world of comics and everything that has subsequently been developed from it, from television series to blockbuster movies, he loves it all, even all the action figures that come along with it. From that point on, Kirk fell deep into the world of Marvel comics and became completely obsessed with anything and everything related to comics. Kirk Smith: Accountant from 9 – 5 and full out comic book nerd on evening and weekends. As self professed Marvel fanboy who continues to try and break into the wonderful world of DC, Kirk is fascinated by the art and storytelling of any and all comics. So much so that he even had aspirations to become an illustrator and artist like his grandfather, and the analytical side of his brain eventually lead him to the thrilling world of accounting.

408, Kirk’s grandfather introduced him to the world of comics at the tender age of eight. Kirk’s wife even let him frame this issue and hang it up in their basement. Let us know in the comments! Having trouble buying a great Spiderman Civil War Halloween Costume? This mirrors the comics as Venom, having been defeated by Spider-Man, moves to San Francisco to find redemption as a vigilante protector. Though he was relatively unharmed, he had to find a new way to stop Massacre, spiderman costume which is how his new suit came into play. When the police still tried to fire at the unarmed Massacre, spiderman costume Spider-Man was able to deflect all of their shots as well. He cannot believe his boyhood obsession has broken into mainstream media, and he can finally share his love of Spider-Man instead of his respect for bookkeeping.

Sadly, that’s sold separately, but you can snag a pretty solid one at a super affordable price right here. Or can the classic black and white look never be beat? The striking cover of Spider-Man laying in pure white snow is still a fond memory today. Using the same unstable molecules that the Fantastic Four’s suits are made with, Reed gifts Spider-Man the new suit allowing him to shape-shift, with his web-shooters built into the suit itself (all cybernetically linked to Peter’s brain). But Reed Richards doesn’t just heal him, he also gives him a new suit (taking some creative liberties with the design).

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