The ESPN FC crew discuss Bayern Munich’s pursuit of Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur and where the 29-year-old forward may play next season.

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29 comentario sobre «ANOTHER BAYERN FAILURE⁉ Bayern Munich raise bid to €80M for Harry Kane | ESPN FC»
  1. Harry Kane is 48 goals away I believe Harry has 3 world class years left maybe 2 which I think he can break. Bayern provides him the chance to compete for a cl title not just a participant trophy and league silverware.

  2. How much do Spurs get by making the Champions League next year, not only in pounds but in standing that allows them to get prime players? This is probably, and should be, part of Levy's decision to hold on to Kane. Levy will risk losing Kane on a free next year since it is possible, even probable, that Kane will make that happen. This can be more profitable than selling Kane for any fee. Moreover, if Spurs make the Champions League and Kane likes football under Postecoglou and Postecoglou's vision for club, Kane might re-sign. That would also keep him in the Premier League to break Shearer's record.

  3. Kane can fit anywhere, but he loves where he is and let's be fair, 80 millions is a great price tag considering the fact that Bayern can get him for free next season and build a 3 year project around him . By the way, there is a good alternative at 70 million in Juventus who is younger and fits the paycheck bill better

  4. What I find interesting is how last week this panel was criticizing Poch’s 1st press conference. Yet, TOT’s manager press conference was on point. Wonder why there so much hate toward Chelsea FC.

  5. IMO for what its worth? Spurs/Levy will not sell Kane for €80m, as good an offer as it is for a great player but only 1yr left…
    Kane will be at Spurs next season IMO and see out his contract.

  6. Kane will leave for free next season. Nonetheless, this age talk is non sense. When you sign a player, usually is a 4 year contract. How many Strikers will out perform Kane in the next 4 years? I don't see the many so the age talk is irrelevant..