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Is this the last chance for Messi and Mbappe to lift silverware together? Bayern looks to defend their 1-0 lead and knock out the star studded PSG side.

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  1. As a Bayern fan , I’m glad we lost to this years winners . It would’ve been 10x embarrassing if we lost to city and they lost the final . We played really well this game and should’ve played like this with city but we lost Julian 😢 and got Fraudchel. I’m glad city spanked tuchel cuz Julian would’ve never went down that bad.

  2. Him and Cristiano Ronaldo really did go at it. Before them it was Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo, Zidane, Figo, Rivaldo.

    Overall Messi surpassed everyone, still is doing it, and still taking the spotlight from the top talent like Bellingham, Foden, Mbappe, Haaland, you name it. Heck, even Cristiano Ronaldo is making the news world wide.

    At this rate, Cristiano Ronaldo will retire 5 years from now including Messi and by then they'll still be the shining stars. It sucks for Mbappe and Haaland, they will always be a shadow behind Cristiano and Messi as long as these two goats 🐐 still play.

    Haland and Mbappe still need to play for big clubs, until then, they are just hyped up crap. Mbappe is the equivalent of Freddy Edu 😂that trunk dissapears from games and gets lucky with one goal and he shines, can't even help his team from minute 1. By the next world cup, his speed will decrease by 20-30%. 8 years from now his speed will be average, by then either Haaland or another youngster will take over and right about the time the 2 goats retire.

  3. PSG wouldve won if they used all their players instead of relynig on mbappe. Though I am a Paris fan, i was very dissapointed. Bayern does play as a team an if PSG acted fr then they couldve won senseless

  4. Bayern Munich,and Real Madrid always the favorites in this competition,this clubs are savages,invincibles ,powerful,no one can’t with this team ,hopefully I see final Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich,the best teams in the world 🌍🦾🦾

  5. Bayern’s defense was great over both legs, but PSG helped Bayern beat them with mistakes. Donnarumma’s howler in the first leg, Vitinha not putting his foot through the ball for an open net goal, Veratti losing the ball in the box in this second leg game, and Donnarumma again with a poor save attempt for Bayern’s last goal. PSG gave the tie away.

    Also, wasn’t that a foul on Veratti in the build up to Bayern’s last goal? PSG still likely would have lost without that goal but poor refereeing nonetheless.

  6. I have to say this was, without a doubt, the best football match I've ever seen. It helps that I'm a Bayern fan, but either way, you had constant back and forth, no cheap shots, no flopping, the reffing was great, great sportsmanship, no time wasting, no fighting amongst the players and a bunch of quality players playing some quality football! By halftime I said it was the best scoreless half of football I'd ever seen. When someone did foul someone, they'd pick each other up, at each other on the back and get back to it. Props to Paris for taking the loss like men and not getting all pissy as time was running out. This was real quality football in every regard.