Discussing Sadio Mane’s future with Bayern Munich ⚽ | ESPN FC
The ESPN FC crew Sadio Mane’s future with Bayern Munich, along with Thomas Tuchel’s comments.

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31 comentario sobre «Discussing Sadio Mane’s future with Bayern Munich ⚽ | ESPN FC»
  1. I don’t think he had a bad season I personally think most Bayern players hated the fact that Bayern bought him so they did everything to make his stay a messy on then that frustrated him to react to Leroy issue just blew the entire thing up

  2. Just seems like Tuchel always got an issue w players… In particular Dark skinned dudes. He literally was there 45 days and he's talking about how someone was trash who he BARELY worked with. This is a man we KNOW FOR A FACT CAN PLAY. Just a head scratcher… Probably a bad fit

  3. Bayern trying to force him out.

    They bought a player who didn't fit their system and tried to make him a replacement for Lewa, whilst giving him silly wages.

    Now they want him to tear up contract and go away cause it suits them.

    If I'm Mane, unless he's still got a real desire to play at highest level, I see if Saudis want me or sit and pick up my 350k every week

  4. A lot of times coaches or managers are very jealous of their million dollar players. He has nothing left to prove. He was injured, how was he supposed to reach his peak? Any player playing injured to please some stupid manager is a fool.

  5. Those Bayern people are hypocrits they are dealing with Mane like this because of Sane,they talk about what Mane did but not about what Sane said to Mane,Mane will always be better than them just a pity he didnt stay at liverpool

  6. He doesn't fit Bayern, and they all need to move on. If you catch the last game of the season when they celebrated after regulation on the field with the fans, he wasn't much involved with the others as other had celebrated with each other.

  7. Tuchel with the media’s help is making tuchel look like he’s making an iron fist decision, in reality The incident with sane is making the casting out of sadio a lot easier. If I bet anyone in the world their life to accurately explain how sadio’s standards dropped they would all be dead 😂 since no one watches bundesliga the media will just say random negative things about the player & hope the fans run with it. Truth is He was never gonna stay there after the punch

  8. Sadio Mané is one of those players in recent years that have found out that in football the grass isn’t always greener on the other side because he was a Liverpool legend not too long ago we were talking about him being among the best players in the world but now after a disappointing season with Bayern Munich he’s on the chopping block and the club is considering getting rid of him. He’s more likely to go to Saudi Arabia than return to Liverpool join any other European club or remain at Bayern Munich next season. If he cannot return to the level he had with Liverpool in terms of form and fitness there’s no point in keeping him at the club next season if he doesn’t have a big role to play under Thomas Tuchel.