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  1. I actually took care of business with an eredivise team but for some reason when i did the prem team i got absolutely destroyed. So many frauds in the team. Tots dias, tots kdb we’re playing awful. But by far the worst player on the team was moments Son. I dont know who in 2023 still thinks son is good but i hate the propganda. Every year i hear ‘SON IS FULL META’ and when i use him hes fucking awful

  2. I have a question for all of you that spam circle for tackling the whole game. What's the point? Does this make defending easier for you? Yesterday I played multiple players that had 80+ tackles at the end of the game but only like 5 of them successful. I feel like this makes beating players with dribbling so much easier so I wonder why people are doing this.

  3. Anyone else simply lacking the motivation to play Champs or Fifa in General? Went 8-2 in Qualifiers for the first time ever and should be excited to hop on WL but I really feel no motivation. Played the Cup yesterday and won my first game and since I haven't motivation for it either….