FAN CHINO entra a la CANCHA | LOCURA por MESSI en CHINA 馃嚚馃嚦馃嚘馃嚪

Ocurri贸 en el partido de Argentina (2) – Australia (0)

No te olvides de SUSCRIBIRTE 馃嚘馃嚪

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  1. Jaje 馃槄馃榿馃榿馃榿馃嚘馃嚪馃嚘馃嚪鉂も潳鉂も潳馃馃挋馃馃挋Estoy tan orgulloso de mi celeste Blanca saludos de Argentina 馃嚘馃嚪馃嚘馃嚪馃嚘馃嚪馃嚚馃嚦馃嚚馃嚦

  2. The guy in the Ronaldo shirt doing the siuu and everyone chanting it 馃槀馃憦馃徏 It's amazing to see the love and support for Messi in China. They sure made him feel special and gave him the respect he deserved 馃挋馃挋馃挋

  3. vacation is more important than duty to his country. a reason that doesn't make sense to the class of World Champion Star players. We are Lovers of Indonesian Football Art. stating that you are not professional as an athlete or football player from your own country, you are not disciplined and do not respect invitations from our country. you don't deserve to be a Footballer icon


  4. The lucky boy who rushed to Messi stayed at the top of China Tiktok's ranking all day after the game. It was a whole day! Forwarded by many media outlets. Now all Chinese people can recognize his face.

  5. I would like to explain why Messi and Agentina are so polular in China. China's reform and openning up started from 1978, the whole nation opened the gate and looked around the world. Then they witnessed the magical Diego Maradona won the world cup 1986. It was really a legend and gave a deep impression for most of Chinese people at that time. After that, the Argentina national team always owned lots of fan's in China. You can see an old man in the Beijing Worker's Stadium holded a picture of Maradona to watch Messi's performance. My college roomates really loved Ortega, Amar, Batistuta, Riquelme, so you can see when Argentina's coach team arrived at Beijing, there were still a lot of fans waited there because Amar, Samuel, Ayala were inside. During my college days, one of my roomates suddenly told me there was a man who would be the Maradona II, his name was Messi. Then as a result, Chinese fans shifted their love to Messi and still be the Argentina's fans. I would say to Argentina's friends, please have no doubt that China will always be the Argentina's home field and no other country has this privilege even for Brazil.

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