The ESPN FC crew reacts to Harry Kane being linked with Bayern Munich and Don Hutchison thinks Kane should spend one more season with Tottenham Hotspur and have more options open up for a free transfer.

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37 comentario sobre «Harry Kane linked with Bayern Munich?! 😱 Don Hutchison: Wait one more year! | ESPN FC»
  1. 0:47 what is that guy talking about? Bringing Man City to the table? Is he on crack? Man City got Haaland what would they want Kane for ? Playing a system with 2 no.9s or benching Kane? Talking about City is dumb asf tbh. It’s either Real or Bayern that would make sense for him if he wants to win something and start

  2. Nah Kane needs to win trophies. He’d give bayern their best striker since lewa. Perhaps even give em a ucl. Plus he’ll score even more goals in the no defense liga 😂. if he can do 30 in England, he can do 40 in the bundesliga.

  3. Simple. Bayern, United, Real Madrid. (Liverpool, City, Barcelona, Arsenal they are set with their strikers)These clubs need a striker NOW. They won´t coming next year. They´ll look for alternatives as they CANNOT go a year without a striker.

  4. Kane has been a hard-carried Tottenham for the past few seasons, but the team has not grown in comparison. I can see that Tottenham's local fans care about Kane, but it is efficient to transfer Kane to change the team

  5. What if his form is down next year nobody want him. Je Will ne 31 and myb injuri or bad form. This is his last chance to go on big club like Bayern..Liverpool funny,Barca funny,Man Utd 😂😂😂😂

  6. Bayern is always too 3 contender at CL…. He can’t get a better club. A more loyal club, a well organized club.. No club in PL can hold what Bayern offers.
    Best chances to win titles including CL.

  7. Beats me why Barcelona are named as an Option over Bayern.
    Whats wrong with a League and national Cup win plus Champions League every season . 20 Million + salary is also not bad. Or is It the so called Farmers League? Well Look at the results in the Champions League. Apart from Liverpool and City all the other Teams Chelsea Arsenal and Spurs got smashed by Bayern . What does that Tell US about the PL?