The Eredivisie is the first league of football in the Netherlands with several internationally acclaimed clubs playing in it such as Ajax from Amsterdam, Feyenoord from Rotterdam and PSV from Eindhoven. But where did the names and nicknames of these Dutch clubs come from?

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  1. I might be wrong but I’ve always got the impression Hilbert is a bit of a Mackem when it comes to the Tyne-Wear derby which would be very compatible with his Dutch football loyalties as Sunderland and Feyenoord have a long standing fan friendship.

  2. Kralingen simply is a neighbourhood in Rotterdam. Just like Spangen is the neighbourhood where Sparta is from.

    Furthermore, you call yourself a Feyenoord supporter but you don't know that Feyenoord is the club from Rotterdam-Zuid!? What? Trots van zuid ofcourse is the nickname because of that. There is a big difference between Rotterdam-Zuid and the rest of Rotterdam historically and culturally (even today).

  3. Also, is there a club associated with antisemitism? In Budapest, where I live, the green-white one is usually seen as anti-semitic/NS-aligned, whereas their biggest rival (wearing purple and white) is associated with Jews and left-aligned people.

  4. FC Twente is really from the city of Enschede, although it represents the Twente region.
    It was established in 1965, when two clubs from the city became one club. Those two clubs were SC Enschede and Enschedese Boys. Thats why you'll sometimes see fans wave the colors green, black and white among the red.

  5. Het oude stadion van Sparta noemde ze het kasteel. (Ziet er ook uit als een kasteel, Gebouwd in 1916) Na de verbouwing hebben ze het veld gedraaid maar het 'kasteel' staat er nog. Vandaar de bijnaam De KasteelHeren…neem ik aan..

  6. Bedankt, very interestsing, never heard about cath. in Nederlande, and so 2 clubs, have cath. roots.

    Also i heard there a a Ajax nickname, from a friend from Den Haag he called them …builders, but maybe thats, why he don t like them-maybe.
    And also interessting, that some clubs are founded after wwII, like the 1.FC Köln in DEU, why are Gronningen and other so young?
    Are there special reasons for that?

    Greetings from the Eisernen out Berlin.