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33 comentario sobre «I Fixed Bayern Munich…»
  1. s2g I have a new idea for videos

    How about starting players at other clubs like Harry Kane starting at Chelsea or Messi starting at Madrid

    Anyways I just want to say thanks for all the videos you make 👍👍👍

  2. Every waking moment of my day, of my week, of my month, of my year, I pray that you’ll deactivate all social media and that no human being will ever have to set their eye on your content ever again. I pray for mankind’s survival, your content drives us back as a species. Inshallah you deactivate and leave social media for good.

  3. Not gonna lie, if Harry Kane was willing to sacrifice his desire to beat Shearer's record, a move to Bayern is literally the perfect transfer. He wants to win trophies, they want a striker capable of replacing Lewandowski. It's a match made in heaven.

  4. You must fix Salihamidzich and Kahn to prevent them to destroy Bayern. Naggelsmann is the better couch than Tuchel . I’m sorry for Bayern. They should change Salihamidzich and Kahn . Rummenigge was the better manager .