Shaka Hislop, Ale Moreno and Frank Leboeuf join Kay Murray on ESPN FC to discuss Sadio Mane’s future with Bayern Munich.

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46 comentario sobre «Sadio Mane NOT in Bayern Munich’s future plans 👀 | ESPN FC»
  1. Yeeaaaahhhh…Nope.. He wasn't any good in the season, he had a couple of good games at Bayern. But suddenly he became in mister offside, and missing really easy shots, he was very disappointing before the injury, but after the injury he was even more disappointing, also fighting with Nagelsmann and Sane…Honestly Bayern doesn't need him, because Musiala just explode and Sadio proved he can't play as striker, in Bayern. There's no place for him, specially if Bayern signs a great 9, also because of his huge wages.

    And I think Saka has a problem here saying lot of teams would buy him….he has been in the market since may, and still no serious offer for him, not even United is asking for him, so what teams? No RM, Barcelona can't pay his salary, No Chelsea, No Liverpool, No City asking for him…. I don't think Sadio has lot of chances here. Bayern would be lucky if they get to sell him

  2. From the outside, people don’t appreciate how brutal it is in Bayern. Compared to most English side, Every position at the board level and lower is occupied by ex-footballers thus the level of scrutiny of their own players is next level. Mane will bounce back

  3. 63% Of Liverpool FC Players Have Asthma, But The UK Average Is Only 12%? Is having asthma a requirement to play for Liverpool. I wonder when this anomaly will be investigated? Since the discovery of Liverpool player's use of inhalers there has been a marked decrease in the energy levels they usually have.

  4. I dunno what these clowns are waffling about
    Mane was on a downward spiral especially when he got covid….he had a purple patch from March in last year at Liverpool
    His signing was done to appease bayern fans after lewandowski left
    He was usually offside and had mediocre finishing and after coming back from injury he was awful
    His biggest highlight of the season was punching Sane
    No wonder most Bayern fans want him out

  5. 4 months of injury, yes. . But let's not forget that the club brought a new coach for who Mane wasn't the main man. Nagelsman had chosen Mane to be the team leader and Tuchel redistributed the card when he arrived. Therefore, leadership crisis happened in the group. I think the Mane/Sane fight was a symptom of that crisis. The club got to a point where they had to chose who will be the leader and it's not gonna be Mané….. Good luck to him for his future endeavors!

  6. Wow from 3:50 till the end of the video it seemed like something the panel should’ve spoken about Ronaldo when things were bad at United. Except wait he didn’t punch a player in the face and also spend most of his time injured, rather he lost his child and had his other child in the nicu. And what did they say then, well we all know the bias this channel has been showing over all these years. Sick and deplorable sports journalism at its peak.