For most people the Eredivisie is a league that they occasionally sign the next upcoming superstar from and don’t give it too much attention. In today’s video i’m telling you exactly why the Eredivisie is actually one of the most underrated and fun leagues on FIFA, and how you can enjoy your saves with any team in the league.

Of course, the league is not just Ajax, Feyernoord and PSV, there are another 15 good clubs you can pick in the Eredivisie. While the league might not have all the faces, all the stadiums or a second division like the Premier League, everything else is fully licensed and can be used as the backdrop to a super fun Career Mode save. If you have suggestions for other leagues you think I should cover, please let me know in the comments, on Discord or on my Twitter @geografifa .

Before we can talk about the present and future, let’s have a super quick look at some of the history of playing in the Netherlands.
The Eredivisie was founded in 1956 so is one of the youngest major professional football leagues in Europe.
The league currently consists of 18 teams, with the winner being crowned Dutch national champion.
Ajax are the most successful Dutch club in European competitions, winning the European Cup/Champions League four times.
Over the past 2 decades, the Eredivisie has seen increased movement of players to other European leagues, with many top Dutch players moving abroad to play for foreign clubs. During the 60’s to the 90’s, a lot of the better Dutch players stayed in the Netherlands.

Strengths –
Previous success in Europe
Historic teams with real life views on how the game should be played
Major national team that can win competitions from day 1
Weaknesses –
Poor finances for a major league
Huge gap in talent between 1st and 18th
Lack of real faces for a big league
Unique Feature –
Very high potential league, third highest average potential.

Squad Rules
Unlimited Players in squad
£3,800pw / €4,200pw for non EU players
No Under 18 NON EU players in the match squad

Scout Netherlands & two of:
Belgium – 25
Check the location of your team. PSV are right near the Belgian border, so they would be a realistic choice. Similar can be said for Fortuna Sittard and RKC.
Germany – 17
NEC, Vitesse, FC Twente and Emmen are all close to the German border, so consider scouting there if you pick one of these teams.
Sweden – 14
Lots of Scandinavians move to Holland, and the proto-Vikings were one of the main settlers in the area over 1,500 years ago. This means theres partially a shared culture, and lots of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish footballers head to the Netherlands before moving to bigger leagues.
Norway – 13
Morocco – 11
16% of male youths under 25 years of age in Amsterdam is Dutch-Moroccan, so any club in the Netherlands should look to scout Morocco.
Greece – 9
France – 9
Turkey – 9
Similar to Morocco, there is a large amount of young Turkish men in the Netherlands. This could be an interesting place to scout, if you like having a realistic youth academy.
Brazil – 8
Spain – 6

Try to limit player ratings to:
Champions League – 84
Europa League – 81
Mid Table – 78
Relegation Fodder – 76

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31 comentario sobre «The Eredivisie Teams to Use and Avoid on FIFA Career Mode!»
  1. EA needs to put more 2nd and 3rd division leagues in the game. I've used teams like Go Ahead Eagles and Viborg FF but it kinda lacks the immersion if cup games are only 3 or 4 to win the title. Scheduled games are too spread out that you more rest.

  2. i’ve had a good idea with an andrean sprint to glory you can use these 6 countries🇪🇹🇻🇪🇨🇱🇪🇨🇵🇪🇨🇴pick a spanish team ideally it doesn’t have to be but i did this

  3. Unlike te English premier leageu the Dutch and belgian leagues have over 1300 first top league division players playing abroad . Its a a shame the proposed beneliga was postponed , as this would not only boosted tv revenue , but also increase their player out put and competition value .

    With the dutch league having 4 Eredivision clubs with a youth team under 21 players playing in the first division ( used to be 5 FC Twente they had to pull out their under 21 team of the first division as they got relegated , and strangely enough feyenoord didnt opt for this option) AJAX , AZ Alkmaar , Utrecht and PSV . all producing high quality players with real competition experience before heading to the first team or other teams if they dont make it to or in their parent team .
    Other teams in the eredivisie and first division have their youth teams playing in the 2nd and 3rd divisions gaining real competition experience against older and more physical players.

    Belgium is recovering from a string of financial disasters with their leagues . returning to 18 teams and adding youth teams to their deminished 2nd division ( at one point only 6 teams where in that one)

    Finances are the big isue just imagine all dutch and belgian players returning to their native leagues or in a beneliga you get a 1.5 bilion value and that is not even counting the players playing in foreign leagues . they value another 1,7 bilion combined .

    Quite a pool of players and could easy take the role of 5th league .

  4. If you’re planning to do a Heerenveen career mode the most realistic way, you have to scout Dutch and Scandinavian players. Heerenveen is quite famous for scouting Danish players, eg Lasse Schöne, and they also buy players from the Norwegian league.
    Usually, except from Hakim Ziyech who lived near Heerenveen, Heerenveen doesn’t scout as much Moroccans as the bigger clubs as Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV, mainly because of the location of Heerenveen. Heerenveen is located in a rural part of the Netherlands and the biggest Moroccan communities live in the biggest cities of the Netherlands.
    Also Heerenveen often doesn’t scout Belgians or Germans, because Heerenveen is located in the northern part of the Netherlands and the German border is also not that close.
    I hope this helped you if you wanted to plan a Heerenveen career mode.

  5. W video! As mentioned, my favorite aspect of Eredevisie Career Modes is signing former club/league players with a real face scan. Especially when these are older players, it provides a nice contrast to the high potential young players at many of these teams.