Jamal Musiala secures the 22/23 Bundesliga title for Bayern Munich
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47 comentario sobre «The Goal That Seals The Bundesliga Title for Bayern | 1. FC Köln – FC Bayern Munich»
  1. Iam telling you… Next gen Thomas Muller/Messi under way!!!! He have a bit of Messi and a bit of Thomas Muller!!! Huge potential to be one of the best attacking midfielders/wingers! Really… He is like a cross between Messi and Muller… Really really unique player…

  2. The problem with a not-so-rich team is that their substitute players are not as good as their starting eleven. If nobody in the main team gets injured, then it's fine. Otherwise, that's where the inconsistency comes from.

  3. even in the slow-motion replay it's hard to catch the frame where Jamal controlled the ball and took a look at the goal, hawk eyes

    that there ladies and gentleman showcase a TOP FOOTBALL PLAYER, the positioning, the controlllll, the look, the audacity, the shot with MAJOR finesse eventually to win Bayern the season.