to that commenter who was begging me to make an eredivisie video, i finally caved in. anyways today we discuss the chaotic title race happening in the 2022/23 eredivisie season so far

Edited by Jerzo:

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  1. For the European play offs; 5,6,7 and 8 qualify for these. 5 plays 8 and 6 plays 7. Home and away. The winners of these will play the final. Home and away. The winner of the final will play conference league play offs

  2. Nice one to give the Eredivisie some attention, but it is clear that you don't have that lot of knowledge of the Dutch football. You say Ajax is not doing bad at a second place. Man, Ajax should have been 10 points clear if you see there spendings/money.

  3. As a Dutchman myself I didnt even watch the video but I just wanted to say dont even bother to watch it. We have 3 big clubs Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV. Then in the followers up we have AZ, fc Twente and Fc Utrecht. However those three followers are way too inconsistent to be a real candidate for the Championship. Like the mene says, sometimes may be good, some times may be shit. Of our top three Feyenoord is the hardworking team, but they hardly have any potential players to make it big. Psv is consistent but they play very defensive and it is hardly entertaining to watch. Ajax imo opinion is the biggest of the Dutch teams. They sometimes have incredible plays, but this season it is quite a mess and not very enjoyable. Ajax is a big stepping stone for players to get used to the Champions League and get in the attention of international clubs. This immideatly one of their flaws. Everytime they have a good season most of their best players will be sold and they all have to start over again from scratch to build a united team. Another flaw is that this club is seen as Cocky, making them vunerable to weaker clubs thinking they already won before the match starts and then losing points to them. And atleat the other 12 teams in the Eredivisie are just plain boring. It is not entertaining to watch and of they play against the top 6 they are likely to be completely outplayed and when they play eachother it just looks like you are watching ordinary Sunday League amateurs. So no, dont watch the Eredivisie because it is by far the most boring competition out there.

  4. You're not completely right about the qualifiyng spots 1st place is CL group, 2nd place CL play off, 3rd place EL play off, 4rd place ECL play off and number 5 till 8 play national play offs for the last tickets. So number 5 plays number 8 and number 6 plays number 7, the winner off both matches play eachother for the ticket.

  5. As someone who is a Vitesse fan (hate you for that comment btw) and who comes from a family of Groningen supporters, it has been a dreadful season. The difference between the bottom clubs and top is also becoming bigger every year.

  6. The weird thing is: at the bottom of the table it is a madness as well. Groningen doesn't belong there, Emmen is barely surviving, Cambuur is pretty much guaranteed to go down, Excelsior is close to go down, and Volendam is just living above the edge. Very exciting this year

  7. This season has been a strange but very entertaining one so far:
    – NEC Nijmegen drew seven games in a row and half of their 26 games so far have ended in draws

    – Volendam looked like they were going to crash out of the league but had a remontada after the WC and now sit in a fairly comfortable 13th place, 9 points above direct relegation

    – Sparta have been incredible this season and it's good to see the former giants fight for european football instead of relegation

    – Since Cambuur's 3-0 win against PSV they only managed to win two more games out of 18 and were knocked out of the cup by third tier side De Treffers

    – Amateur side SV Spakenburg who play in the third tier have made it to the KNVB cup semi finals, beating two eredivisie sides away from home in the process, including a 4-1 win at FC Utrecht. If they somehow manage to beat PSV in the semis and manage to get to the final some problems will arise. Spakenburg has a policy of not playing on sundays due to their Christian roots. The cup final is always played on sunday, and moving the date isn't really an option since that would cause logistical problems. I doubt that Spakenburg will simply refuse to play so they'll probably do everything to get the final to be moved to a day earlier.

  8. It's worth to check on the Romanian League this year too. I know that for the European Standard we're just getting shittier and shittier but this year's title fight is between 5 teams and legitimately all 5 of them have a real shot of making it til the end.

  9. Very cool undertaking making this video. Would recommend a little more research though. AsaDutch person who watches the eredivisie regularly there are a few inaccuracies and wrong assumptions being made in this video.For example, saying that Bergwijn rejuvenated his carreer seems far from reality. It's the consensus that he's had a really shitty season so far.