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Lionel Messi has finally fulfilled his dream – he has won the World Cup. This video shows the complete story behind this trophy: starting as a young boy with a dream to play for Argentina, a tough ride through lost finals and a lot of disrespect until he achieved the ultimate success. Relive and enjoy all these emotions in a dramatic way.


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MagicalMessi – as magical as Messi

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43 comentario sobre «The Story: Lionel Messi 🇦🇷 Fight For Glory»
  1. His story is motivating this video is captivating. So inspirational he said "getup,stumble and try again" and he did that and won the utmost prize in football. For a man who retired from international football, came back failed again and again at International competitions. Finally triumphed🙌🏾. Give it up for the greatest of all times.🙌🏾
    He came ,he saw he conquered. I am so inspired be this. Thanks Curator for putting this masterpiece together.

    PS: I am a CR7 fan, I love CR7 for the dedication to being one of the greatest footballers ever liveth.

    Shoutout from the greatest black nation of all times😁 Nigeria.

  2. Since I knew messy ❤I love him and football 🥅 ⚽️ he is just amazing genius, God gave him they talent, he was born to play football ⚽️ And I know that.
    I was, I am with Messi till the ends 😘🥰👍❤️🙏😍⚽️😃.
    Thanks God for Messi.

  3. The way the Americans pundits are talking about Messi on 15:00 made me realize this is probably also part of the reason he's going to MLS. Just to prove some random American wrong and he gets paid infinity money ofc. lol why not- he's won it all in Europe.

  4. I cried watching this video, and until now i still can't belive that the story in this video is a true story that really happened to my idol.
    It's a very touching and inspiring travel story.
    Thank u Captain
    Vamos argentina