Jan Aage Fjortoft joins ESPN FC to react to Bayern Munich winning the 2022-23 Bundesliga title over Borussia Dortmund.

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33 comentario sobre «Typical Bayern, Typical Dortmund – Jan Aage Fjortoft on Munich’s Bundesliga title | ESPN FC»
  1. Bayern Munich winning the league for the 11th time and still finding a way to win it in a season that has had a lot of off field controversy with the players not getting on, a player punching his teammate in the dressing room, a player going to a fashion event after a game and that caused problems and was dropped for a game because of it, goalkeeper getting injured on a skiing trip, Julian Nagelsmann finding out that he got sacked without being informed by the board and found out on Twitter that he lost his job during the international break, it's been a season full of drama at Bayern Munich off the field. On the field, in Bundesliga alone Bayern Munich dropped 31 points in 34 games that's right out of 102 possible points Bayern accumulated 71 and in any season they'd have the league wrapped up before the final day, but with the points they were dropping, Dortmund had opportunity after opportunity to win this title and yet even when they were poor, Bayern Munich still wins the Bundesliga. It's not a good look for the league and football the best team in the league having their worst season, the second best team in the league has their chance blows it and that team still won the title. They've also won 11 in a row, Bayern Munich are likely going to improve the squad this summer add a few more players in the squad because in the next 5 years, I don't see any team stopping them in the league and it's a problem. Bayern Munich are a powerhouse in European football and they've made the Bundesliga a one horse race in the last decade, for many football neutrals, it's time to see a new winner and young players rise to the top because is it any surprise that the same team won the league after 34 games, you want to see a change at the top and rising stars rather than Bayern dominating the league and we won't see a change and that's because of Borussia Dortmund's inability to deliver when it matters most and they've had this choking mentality for years and until that changes, Bayern Munich will continue to dominate the Bundesliga.

  2. Borussia Dortmund crumbling the Bundesliga is nothing new. 2 points all they had to do was beat Mainz and couldn't they didn't deserve to be champions and lost narrowly by goal difference. Many will feel like this is an opportunity wasted because Bayern Munich had a disappointing season by their standards and after they won the Bundesliga, Oliver Kahn and their directors were sacked so it's not like Bayern was good Dortmund with a rare chance to win the league, they bottled it and this is something that they've been doing for years. It's called small club mentality right there not delivering when it matters most and you'll never win a trophy like that.