Along with your questions, we asked Jamal Musiala for a Q&A after his championship-winning goal. Out came interesting answers to your exciting questions, including his best goal of his career so far, Mario Kart against teammates, and advice from his parents.

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45 comentario sobre «Who has been your toughest opponent so far? | You asked, Jamal Musiala answers | Q&A»
  1. Der WolfsburgTreffer war auch absolut ein feines Stück Arbeit. 😀 Ich feier dich, Jamal, für dieses Monsterdribbling gegen die komplette Wolfsburger Defensive. Darauf kannst du zurecht absolut stolz sein!

  2. I read that Jamal Musiala believes that he did not spend the end of the season in the best way, his form left much to be desired.
    Firstly, I will say that after the World Cup not only you did not have the best ending. Secondly, it's good that you realize it yourself. Well done! The most important thing is not to give up! You are already a top player, although are still young – the best in Bayern last season in the goal+pass system. If you continue in the same spirit, will be one the best players on the planet

  3. Du bist sooo ein Ehrenmann Jamal.
    Ich will auch wie du ein Fussballer werden und du bist mein größter Idol.
    Ich hätte da noch ne Frage nämlich bist du noch mit Jude Bellingham befreundet und wie ist es dass er bei deinem Erzrivalen Club spielt ?