Archie Rhind-Tutt, Steve Nicol, Frank Lebouef and Kieran Gibbs join Sebastian Salazar to give an update on Bayern Munich’s pursuit of Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur and Kane’s desire to actually play there.

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46 comentario sobre «Will Bayern Munich prevail in landing Harry Kane despite Spurs’ MASSIVE price tag? 🤔 | ESPN FC»
  1. They should give up on him .Sign Osimhen instead, he's younger they'll have a potential resale value on him and he provides same amount of goals as Kane and he's a winner , he turns up on the big occasions, something Kane has failed to do during his career.

  2. The reason Bayern have done so much better is because they’ve done better business than any other team in the league. They aren’t City or Madrid, they don’t just go out and drop gratuitous amounts of money on players just because.

  3. Im not fully buying into the ange appointment in the sense of hoping he brings us silverware but I an excited about him. He talks about his teams and the way he plays but will have to see how he does because we was hyped about the last 2 and got no where

  4. Well, that's true that Bayern never spent over 80m Euro for a player so far, but they were ready to pay 150m Euro for Sané before he got injured and eventually they paid a lot less. So it is not a problem for them politically to spend that amount, but of course it makes always a difference if you negotiate and in the end pay 5-10 million Euro less. From a Journalist or fan perspective this kind of savings may not mean anything, but for people involved in the deal it is a lot of money and it makes a difference.

  5. Bayern are making fools of themselves with their silly little €60m -€70 million bids. Last year of a person's contract does not make any difference anymore. You are talking about one of the best strikers in the World. Sometimes if you want the best, it will cost and there is not any discount. And there I was thinking that Germans never barter.
    You can not expect to buy a Ferrari with Skoda type money.
    The standard of the Bundesliga has deteriorated and Bayern can not afford the best Premier League footballers. Bayern can no longer find the quality (that they used to find) from shopping only in the Bundesliga.

  6. Bayern have realized how important a world class #9 is since Levandowskis departure. Firstly, they must realize what a blunder it was to allow a player or Levandowskis magnitude and productivity to leave due to feeling unappreciated since it was likely an avoidable situation had they paid him what he wanted and deserved. Bayern could have created a dynasty from that treble winning squad.

  7. Kane on the verge of breaking all time premier league record and moving to Buyern.. Thats absolutely tragic lol. I still do not understand why Man United didn't go for him. Such a sad career for one of the best premier league talents this last decade.

  8. Manchester United ie clever to pull out from any Kane saga so early in window..

    Spurs & Kane will cause excess drama..We are now used to watch kane scoring 30 goals and Spurs finishing 7th🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Pleasantly surprised with this commentary. Bayern should pay up (£100m+) if they want the best all around striker in the world. But, if they do pay up and Harry wants to go, Levy has to honor the deal and sell him.